My art practice in these two years focuses on ceramics sculpture. The way I create my sculpture can be seen as the way I collage my feelings, fears, and memories back to me childhood. Childhood is very important period of people’s life. For me, there are many fears and struggles back then, and they follow me and affect me even now. Making art is a way that helps me to confront with the past while achieving self-knowledge of the present.

The Shelter series is my latest work. I aim to create habitat-like sculptures that have never been seen. Each sculpture was built as a shelter to protect its "occupants" against from chaos, it is a lasting reminder of human vulnerability. For me, ceramics is a magical material allows me to create the ideal 3D form based on my everyday drawings. I use coil building to create the shape that I wanted it to be. After layering the coils one on top of the other, ensure that they are joined securely by scoring and slipping them together.

The series of Shelter is also a contradiction in the form of sculpture. I seek beauty and weirdness, vitality and death, hiding and exposure in nature as coping mechanisms. By incorporating these elements into the works, I want to give the viewer a happy form of celebration, while at the same time hiding the discomfort and uneasiness that is contradictory.


©2018 by Liying Zhang.