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ARTIST STATEMENT          艺术介绍

Shelter is the most recent series of work that I have been working on. All the sculptures were made of high temperature ceramic clay. I combined elements of plants, animals, human body parts, creatures and myths into my works, and made them into various surreal forms. Every time that I conceive of the form of my sculptures, I always like to imagine them as my dream hidden place where is safe and secret. I enjoy indulging in childlike fantasies, where the world is innocent, joyful, and sometimes magical. However, the world where adults live is harsh and sad because they have been expelled from the “protected garden”. This may be a price for us to knowledge the truth and essence of the world. Art is perceptual, and I use it to build the "hidden place" of the human mind. Just like fairy tales to children and legend stories to adults, we all can live there to rest, at least temporarily avoiding the siege of experiences and doubts.


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